14th May 2017 Nancy

What I learned from mum

Today is Mother’s day in the States and I read a blog by an American pastor who highlighted what he had learned from his mum. I began to think what I had learned from my wonderful Mum. I learned so much from her. She was the one who taught me that God was alive and real. She taught me that he was not only real but that God wants to talk to us. She taught me to have a deep friendship with God and how to communicate with him. She taught me that God was powerful and he could do all things. She taught me never to give up, but to continue to look to him to do above and beyond all that I could think or imagine. In her own life she discovered pain and disappointment but she turned those into victories. As a teenage girl she was asked to open in prayer at the Billy Graham rally in Aberdeen – it was a great honour because she would have been the first woman to do so. However because she was in the Christian Brethren church (who didn’t allow women to speak/pray in public) her father would not allow her. She was disappointed but in her pain and disappointment she prayed that if she ever had children God would use them all in full time Christian work to speak/preach about the God she loved. She had four children and every one of us are in full time Christian work – my three brothers are all pastors/public speakers and I pastor/lead ngm and speak at various churches/events all over the UK and abroad. What a wonderful answer to her prayer. She knew how to turn her sorrow into joy! (As children we never knew of her prayer – she only told me later in life when God had done it). It encourages me today to recall this – hope it encourages you!