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New from Nancy Goudie, available to order now

The title of this book says it all – You Are Beautiful – Born to be Significant.  Whether you are a man or a woman we are all unique, creative, wonderful, significant, valuable, and yes beautiful human beings.  We all need to know how incredible we are.  Each one of us was born with beauty and creativity in our DNA because each of us whether male or female was born in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).  We have all been put on this planet for a purpose and a reason and therefore the truth is all of us have been born to be significant.

This book is designed to encourage and bless you.  It is not a book you necessarily read in one go but this is a book that can be opened at any page and no matter what page you open it at, it is designed to bless and encourage you.  If one day you wake up feeling miserable, or at any point in the day you get a knock back from a comment someone has said about you, then pick up this book.  Open it at any page and you will receive encouragement for your soul.  You will hear the truth about who you are and no matter what anyone else thinks or says, you are born to be significant, and you are a wonderful, creative, beautiful human being.


Who Would Ever Have Thought

This is the incredible story of two ordinary people from Ayr in Scotland.  They lived in an idyllic and beautiful bungalow, had terrific jobs as well as a brand new sporty car, had a myriad of wonderful friendships and brilliant families too, but they left it all behind to follow God on what turned out to be an amazing faith filled journey.  It’s the story of Heartbeat, ngm, Caedmon – their £3 million pound arts facility, Nancy’s Spiritual Health Weekends, Ray’s musicals luv esther, The Prodigals and much, much more.  Nancy takes you through the highs as well as the lows, yet once you’ve finished reading, you’ll be left feeling encouraged and built up.  There are many places where you will laugh and a few where you may shed a tear!  This is not just a story; this is a journey that will change your life.

The Best Is Yet To Come Journal

This fantastic journal has a page of inspiration from Nancy and plenty of pages for your notes, drawings or whatever you wish.  Printed with a luxury finish this is the ideal journal for you – grab your copy now!

Our Greatest Adventure

Free book from Rose Lancaster – The Best is Yet to Come when you order Our Greatest Adventure!

This book tells a story of courage in the midst of pain, peace in the midst of sorrow and trust in the midst of confusion.  Its a story of love and devotion in the midst of one of the biggest challenges Ray and Nancy Goudie have ever known.   This is an honest, deep and raw story that will touch your emotions, making you laugh as well as cry.  It’s a story that will fuel your faith in God and ignite your passion for his presence.

Spiritual Health Encounters

This unique and creative book helps you to spend time in the secret place and will transform and deepen your intimacy with God.  Each practical exercise takes you on an exciting, creative journey of meditation, hearing from heaven, writing a psalm and real encounters with God.





You Are Special

In our culture of stress with so much pressure to look good and be famous, we often need to be reminded just how unique, precious, remarkable and extraordinary we are! In every page of this book you will discover the truth about yourself and realise afresh that you are deeply loved, special and accepted.


This book is for anyone who sometimes swings from being confident to feeling a failure. It’s a book full of encouragement, wise words, poems, songs and stories to lift your spirit and get you back on your feet again ready to face life once more.

The Beloved

Any time you are feeling down, unloved, critised or critical of yourself and life hits you hard, then pick up this book and flick through its pages. Each page is designed to bring you words of encouragement, hope and love. Allow it to restore your joy and build up your soul. Take it with you wherever you happen to be.

Confident?, The Beloved & You Are Special Book Bundle

Special offer! 3 great books by Nancy Goudie – Confident?, The Beloved and You Are Special for only £13!

Confident? / The Beloved / You Are Special Books – 2 for £9!

Special offer! Choose TWO great books from Nancy Goudie’s Confident?, The Beloved and You Are Special and get them FOR ONLY £9!

The Gift of Laughter

This is an incredible book which you can open at any page and you will find something either to make you laugh and giggle or something to encourage you to laugh out loud. Laughter is an amazing gift and experts tell us that laughter has huge benefits for each of us. Just 15 minutes of laughter can give the same benefits as two hours sleep.

Oasis of Hope

This book is a book of hope, it is a book filled with many miraculous stories of hope that will encourage and renew our faith in God.  This is a book that will refresh the reader, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is designed to place seeds of hope into the barren places of our hearts and encourage those seeds to grow and develop so that our faith will soar.

Oasis of Delight

There are times in our lives when we need an oasis, a place where we can go to receive a thirst quenching drink for our souls.  This book is an exploration of what it means to live in the oasis of delight, tasting its fruit, relaxing and relishing in the lush surroundings; free to explore and enjoy the depths of his fullness of joy and his pleasures forevermore.  It inspires us to enjoy the delightful fruit of intimacy with God whilst all the time pointing us towards the day when we will be in the ultimate garden of delight for eternity.

Treasures of Darkness

This is a very naked and honest autobiographical account of a time when the world around Nancy started to collapse. Her husband, Ray fell into a dark pit where he experienced ill health and burnout. At the same time God was taking their ministry, ngm, through a shift, which caused much pain and insecurity and led to many people eventually leaving.

Luv Esther

This book is an amazing companion to the Luv Esther musical and is also a great read if you just want to be inspired by a fantastic story of intimacy with God

“This book unlocks some of the Bible’s essential messages for life today, from justice to intimacy, mercy to worship. I thoroughly recommend this book to you.”
Graham Kendrick


Speak – Declare the Truth

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are circumstances or people getting you down? Are you in need of encouragement? Does everything seem impossible for you? Then I have news for you! What we speak has power and therefore when we confess the truth contained in the word of God, power is released and the word brings life. Speak life and truth into your circumstances and let’s see God do a miracle!

Meditations for the Beloved

We all need to know we are loved and valued.  These powerful meditations will take you to the secret place where you can know you are The Beloved.  Let yourself be transported and overwhelmed with love and experience a peace that passes all understanding.


If you are feeling the daily stresses of life, the busyness of work, the pressures of family or you just need soothing for your soul, then this recording is for you. I am convinced that having joy and taking the time to smile can be such a positive force in the world. This CD can help transform you into being a person full of joyful energy and perhaps propel you into some new avenues of opportunity.

Peace Like A River

If you have ever experienced stress, carried worries or fought fears, or are just looking for an oasis in your busy life, then this CD is for you. This recording will take you to a place of tranquillity where peace, love and grace are in abundance. Each journey will take you to a positive and peaceful destination.

Speak Volume 2: Declare The Truth

Do you know you are loved?  Do you realise you are valued?  Do you understand you are special?  So many of us struggle with confidence, our self-image and our mental ability to believe we are worthy.  We don’t value ourselves and therefore we cannot see how anyone else will value us?  Do you know God delights in you and celebrates you?  Do you realise that he sings songs of joy and delight over you? Do you struggle with the ability to see a joyful future full of hope?  God not only believes in you but he has wonderful plans and purposes for your life.  Who are you listening to?  Who are you believing?  We need to listen to the truth of the word of God rather than listening to the lies of the enemy.  We need to believe the word of God rather than believing the enemies lies. There is power in the spoken word, so read, believe and confess the truth and see your circumstances and your life change for the better.


Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Magazine 2020

The 2020 edition of Spiritual Health Magazine is full of exciting articles, interviews and much more.  Featuring an interview with the hilarious Sue Eldridge, plus many other interviews and inspiring articles

One Year Bible Planner

Always wanted to read through the entire bible but found the thought of it a bit daunting? Well get rid of that thought with Nancy Goudie’s Bible planner! Read through the entire bible in one year, reading selected passages every day picked out by Nancy.

Two Year Bible Planner

Always wanted to read through the entire bible but found the thought of it a bit daunting? Well get rid of that thought with Nancy Goudie’s Bible planner! Read through the entire bible in two years, reading selected passages every day picked out by Nancy.

The Best is Yet To Come – Tote Bag

The best is yet to come! And now you can carry this great bag around letting everyone know the truth!