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Spiritual Health Workout Book

You may have seen a recent comment that I made on Facebook - Iíve started to rewrite/update one of my early books ĎSpiritual Health Workoutí. Itís sold really well since it was published in 2001 (I remember that my youngest son Aidan was 4 when I was writing it and heís just recently had his 18th birthday). The book has been reprinted many times and we totally sold out of the last few copies a year or two ago. Weíve continued to receive regular requests for copies and Iím amazed at how fondly people still talk about it and what an impact it has made on their spiritual journey. So, I decided (with a little encouragement from Ray and the ngm team) to sit down and revisit the original book and to bring it up to date and add some new programmes. Though Iíve only just started on this project, Iíve been so blessed with how itís starting to come together. I just pray that the inspiration will continue to flow over the coming months as I attempt to finish this. The rise of Social Media is often reported as either a waste of time or as something for the younger generation or not relevant to Christians, but it can be an amazing tool for good and an encouragement to so many. At times I have made a little comment on Facebook and Iíve been surprised by the number of likes and comments Iíve received. Here at ngm, weíve got a member of the team whose main role is developing our Social Media presence and weíre starting to develop a team around her who can help with creating content, whether blogs, tweets, pictures or videos. If you havenít connected with ngm or me via Social Media then why not do it today. ngm on Social Media: Facebook Ė ngmuk Twitter - @ngmuk YouTube Ė newgenerationmusicuk Nancy Goudie on Social Media: Facebook Ė nancy goudie Twitter - @nancygoudie