Spiritual Exercises
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Spiritual Exercises

Welcome to my Spiritual Exercises on-line.  Each week I will post a new spiritual exercise for us to do together - it will be like our own Christian Women's Retreat in your own home!  I will give you a brief description of how to get the most out of each exercise.  I would love it if you would then email me on nancy@nancygoudie.com and let me know what you received from God or what you experienced through it.

It is so important these days to be spiritually toned up and to have the Bible pumping through our veins.  Doing these exercises will put you in a place where God can speak to you and take you deeper.  So no matter how long you have travelled on the Christian pathway, I know if you join me as we workout together God will impact your life and give you a more intimate walk with Him.

This weeks spiritual exercise