1st April 2020 Eloise Twyford

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It seems that now more than ever we should be taking extra care of our mental health and spiritual wellbeing. I wanted to take the time to remind you of some of my books and meditations that could be a great support to you right now, help you to let go of stress and panic and draw closer to God. We want these items to be used as a resource in strengthening your faith and spiritual wisdom. The books and meditations I particularly want to draw to your attention to at this time are:


Spiritual Health Encountershttps://www.ngm.org.uk/product/nancy-goudies-spiritual-health-encounters/
This unique and creative book helps you to spend time in the secret place and will transform and deepen your intimacy with God. Each practical exercise takes you on an exciting, creative journey of meditation, hearing from heaven, writing a psalm and real encounters with God.

Our Greatest Adventurehttps://www.ngm.org.uk/product/our-greatest-adventure/
This book tells a story of courage in the midst of pain, peace in the midst of sorrow and trust in the midst of confusion. It’s a story of love and devotion in the midst of one of the biggest challenges Ray and Nancy have ever known.

Gift of Laughterhttps://www.ngm.org.uk/product/the-gift-of-laughter/
This is an incredible book which you can open at any page and you will find something either to make you laugh and giggle or something to encourage you to laugh out loud. Laughter is an amazing gift and experts tell us that laughter has huge health benefits for each of us.

Meditations for the Belovedhttps://www.ngm.org.uk/product/meditations-for-the-beloved-nancy-goudie/
We all need to know we are loved and valued. These powerful meditations will take you to the secret place where you can know you are The Beloved.

If you are feeling the daily stresses of life, the busyness of work, the pressures of family or you just need soothing for your soul, then this recording is for you. I am convinced that having joy and taking the time to smile can be such a positive force in the world.

Peace Like a River https://www.ngm.org.uk/product/peace-like-a-river-cd/
If you have ever experienced stress, carried worries or fought fears, or are just looking for an oasis in your busy life, then this CD is for you. This recording will take you to a place of tranquillity where peace, love and grace are in abundance.

Speak… declare the truthhttps://www.ngm.org.uk/product/speak-declare-truth/
What we speak has power and therefore when we confess the truth contained in the word of God, power is released and the word brings life. Speak life and truth into your circumstances and let’s see God do a miracle!

‘Speak Vol 2 – declare the truthhttps://www.ngm.org.uk/product/speak-volume-2-declare-the-truth/
We need to listen to the truth of the word of God rather than listening to the lies of the enemy. We need to believe the word of God rather than believing the enemies lies.

In these days of uncertainty, fear, pain and worry, let’s feed ourselves with the truth of the word of God. These products will help you to be strong and secure in these times of trouble. They will ground your faith and still your fear. They will bring peace and even joy in the midst of sorrow. Keep strong. God is with us all….He is our refuge and strength, an every present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46).

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With love – your friend – NANCY x