19th January 2021 Eloise Twyford

Some encouragement from Nancy…

Hi everyone

I hope you have had a hope-filled week since I last wrote to you.  It is still a big challenge to keep our eyes on Jesus and our hope and faith in him with all the negative media and other things going on around us.  What an encouragement it is to know we serve an incredible God who knows and cares about every detail of our lives right down to the hairs on our head!  He cares about you, your worries, your needs, and he loves you unconditionally.  I want to encourage you to keep diving into Jesus today, keep hearing what he wants to say to you and keep yourself encouraged in him.

Encouragement is so vital in these times, a little text to a friend, a card in the post, a phonecall, a homemade cake at the door, these are all things we can still do to encourage others in these times.  So often Jesus sends us encouragement through others, or through a song, a preach or something simple in nature just at the point we need it.  I encourage you, in this time of lockdown where many find we have more time than usual, to find ways of encouraging someone else today?

Encouraging and stirring our faith is so important.  It is easy, as I said earlier, to focus on the bleak picture.  I have a couple of things which can help encourage your faith during these times.  I have recorded two preaches for churches to use in their services, but they are also available for you as individuals to listen to as well.  These are: Lessons from Mary and Lessons from Ezekiel which I hope will encourage you and stir your faith.  You can access these for FREE (see below as to how to do this).  I am going to be recording another preach in this series as well at the start of February called Lessons from Solomon so do keep an eye out for that.

Another way of stirring your faith is reading the faith stories of others.  How often have you read someone else’s story and then been inspired to believe God for your own journey?  I know I have time and time again.  My latest book Who Would Ever Have Thought, is designed to do just that.  It will encourage you in your faith walk and inspire you to believe God for more.  If you haven’t read it, can I encourage you to do so and as you read it, let God stir your faith to a deeper and higher level.  I would so love to hear what God does with you so do get in touch once you have read it and let me know your stories too!

As we face another week, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2) and as we do, let’s also encourage others to do the same.

With much love, your friend –

Nancy x


Have you got a copy of Nancy’s latest book ‘Who Would Ever Have Thought’ click here to buy today!

P.S If you want to get hold of the preaches Nancy has mentioned, please email zoewickham@ngm.org.uk.  Please note although the preaches are free of charge, if you are able to give a gift towards Nancy’s time in preparing them, that would be helpful.