6th February 2021 Eloise Twyford

Some encouragement from Nancy…

Hello there,

How are you all?  I don’t know about you but I (and many others I know) have found the lockdown here in the UK more tough than all the others.  It seems as though even those who have good mental health are struggling at this time.  It’s so good for us to remember that we can do all things through him who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13) and that it is important for us to remain positive as per my email last week and keep our eyes on Jesus.

A number of days ago I was out on a socially distanced walk (my exercise) with Zoe and we were both saying how we had felt a bit low, but as we were talking we began to share stories that made us laugh.  Laughter is so good for the soul and by the end of the walk we were both feeling much brighter because we had laughed (I am sure the fresh air and exercise contributed too).  It can feel at present like we have nothing to laugh about; the media, the news and even our personal situations can add to our despair.  However, experts tell us that just 15 minutes of laughter can give the same benefit as two hours of sleep.  It has been said that one good belly laugh burns off 3 to 4 calories (a great way to lose weight!) and that laughing only 15 seconds can add two days to your life span!!

So this week I want to encourage you to laugh.  Whether it’s through a chat with a friend, watching something funny on TV or YouTube, or by reading something to make you laugh, do try it.  God gave us the gift of laughter and I guarantee it can help you feel better about your circumstances.  I have written a book called The Gift of Laughter and it’s full of tips and hints for laughter and lots of funny stories as well.  To help you in this season I want you to be able to have this book for HALF PRICE.  The link to order and the discount code is at the end of this email so I encourage you to get hold of this book for yourself, but it also makes an ideal gift for friends and we can post it direct to them if that helps you – just let us know their address!

Laughter is also something we encourage at the Spiritual Health Weekends as well.  With funny stories, comedy songs and space for people to relax with one another, I know it is something the ladies who come, really enjoy at the weekends.  You can book in now for the special 25th anniversary weekend in 2022 and if you book now, your money is fully protected should there be a Covid outbreak (see below).  I would love you to come and join us for this as it may well be the last weekend in this format.  If you cannot wait until then, do remember that tonight we have an online Spiritual Health Breakthrough which is full of fun, laughter and brilliant stories to encourage and bless you!  It starts at 7.30 and you can book in here.

So let me leave you this week with an encouragement to laugh and make space for laughter in your life.  If you do – I guarantee it will lift your spirits.  God created us to laugh – so let’s do what we were created to do and find time to laugh!

Be encouraged – with much love, your friend

Nancy x


‘The Gift of laughter,’ a wonderfully funny book written by Nancy is now only £3 on our online shop! Use the code ‘LaughFeb21‘ to get it for this discounted price now!

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Please note:  If the event is cancelled due to an outbreak of Covid-19 and the event is therefore impossible to run then you will get a full refund from the Hilton minus a small admin fee for costs already incurred.