28th May 2020 Eloise Twyford

Prayer Points for Friday 29th May 2020

Setting the scene

On 20th March I called for a National Day of Prayer, not only for the UK, but also for others who live further afield.  A few days after it was over two friends contacted me and asked if I would do a National Prayer Day every Friday, and asked if I would continue to give some pointers each week for prayer.  After prayer, I took up the challenge of doing just that.  Please listen to my original video calling for prayer if you haven’t heard it already – it sets the scene for what we would want to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_w9dLCcSOY

God is doing so much in our days and the enemy of everything that is good knows it.  Jesus said in John 10:10 that he comes to give us life in all it fulness but that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.  He is here to steal our peace, to kill our joy, and to destroy our unity.  Let’s stand in the presence of a holy God and not allow him to do that in our nation and in our world.  The enemy comes to take our attention off what the Lord wants us to do and instead to get disturbed by who is right and who is wrong.  Sometimes when we listen to the news, it feels like we are in a soap opera, and we turn on the TV for the next episode, but the truth is we are not.  What the enemy is doing doesn’t go away when we turn off the TV.  Our world needs Godly wisdom and Heaven-sent peace.   Let’s pray as Jesus did a few chapters later in John 17 – let’s pray for unity in our land. Let’s make it our aim to soak ourselves in the Lord and then take up the task of praying with faith and with real hope that revival will come.   Let’s not give our energies to commenting negatively on each other’s posts on Facebook, instead let’s pray, let’s encourage, let’s forgive and let’s continue to run the race with perseverance and win the prize of seeing our nation transformed by the love and power of God.  Let’s keep our eyes on what the Lord is doing.  Let’s look with our spiritual eyes and not with the natural eyes. We can and must continue to see God move deeply in the hearts of men, women and children all over the world.  God is doing so much – lives are being changed, God is breaking through, let’s not get distracted, instead – let’s pray and praise him for all he is doing at this time!  We have a chance to see revival – to see a great awakening in our nation and in our world, let’s keep our eyes on the Lord – let’s keep doing what he tells us to do and let’s continue to go where he tells us to go – let’s keep him in control of our actions and our reactions.  Let’s seek him in this time and see a great awakening in our land.    



  • Let’s praise God that the R rate remains below 1 and that the death rate continues to fall, but do remember that we need to act sensibly with wisdom and continue to uphold the government’s guidelines as it takes 14-21 days to show if others are now being infected. I heard a news report saying that a woman who went against the rules and held a BBQ of about 21 people in her garden, now has the Coronavirus.  She had to let her friends know and ask them to get tested.  We have also seen photos of people on crowded beaches not social distancing as they should and even the press/news reporters themselves not maintaining social distancing.  We shouldn’t be surprised if the R rate goes up and many more are infected – so let’s keep to the rules and pray that others do this too.  Pray that God will protect us as we trust in him and as we keep to what the government has asked us to do.  Let’s praise God that the statistics are going down, but pray that as the rules are relaxed, that they will continue to go down until we see no more deaths and no more heartache.
  • Pray for the government – pray for integrity and wisdom. Pray for health and strength, pray for them as though they were your own family, for they surely need God’s help in this time.  Pray that Boris Johnson and the cabinet and his advisors will not crack under the huge strain they have on them.  Pray that in their weakness, they will recognise that they need a higher hand to help guide them and us all through this Covid 19 minefield.  Remember as I have said many times, our leaders are facing things that we as humanity have never faced before.  So, let’s extend compassion, kindness and grace even if you think they have got it wrong and pray for them.  Let your heart cry God soaked prayers for them and for the opposition parties too.  Let’s pray for unity not just in their own party but also across the political parties so that they leave their own agendas and join together to fight this virus.


  • Praise God for the NHS and that we don’t need to pay for medical treatment in this country – everyone is treated equally. Pray for the NHS staff and for the carers too who work so tirelessly at this time.  Pray that they will find time to rest and renew their strength.  Pray that they will lift their eyes to God for help, for as it says in Psalm 121:2 – our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and earth.  Pray for them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Pray that many of them will discover their strength and their salvation comes from God.  Continue to pray for supernatural visits from God for them. 


  • Pray for all the keyworkers from supermarket staff to teachers, policemen to rubbish collectors, everyone who has been working and continues to work at this time.  Pray for God’s protection for them, God’s strength and energy and understanding from the public as well as they try to put in place the new normal.  Pray for God’s wisdom for schools and teachers and families as the schools prepare to go back next week and over the next few weeks.  Pray God’s protection over the children that there wouldn’t be any rise in infections as this happens.


  • Pray for those who are angry, lonely, hurt, confused or vulnerable at this time. Pray that whatever emotions they are feeling that they will turn to God in prayer.  Pray that the church will begin to see beyond the natural and be there in time to help.  Pray for hope for the hopeless.  Pray for strength for the weak.  Pray for those who are struggling with mental health issues.  Look out for many who need God’s touch right now.  Remember to share the prayer link with them – prayer@ngm.org.uk


  • Pray for the economy. Pray for businesses as they begin to open up again.  Pray that they hold the lessons of the last number of weeks and learn from them. Pray for great employers who run their businesses with godly principles.  Pray a blessing on our world as it comes out of lockdown.  Pray that money does not override wisdom and integrity.  Pray for more Kingdom-minded businesses.


  • There have been over 37,000 deaths in the UK in the last number of weeks. Pray for those who weep and mourn.  Pray for those left behind that they will not grow angry or disillusioned but that their mourning and sadness will lead to new life in Christ Jesus.  Pray that in their mourning they will be comforted.  We know that God is close to the broken hearted so pray that people will turn to the Lord in prayer at this time and find him beside them and around them. Pray that the death rate would slow right down and stop.  Pray that we will get to the place where there will be no more people dying from this virus.


  • Pray that people will know that God is for them and not against them. Pray that as they listen to the UK Blessing that phrase will stick in their mind – that he is for us and with us.  May the people in the UK and beyond discover that our God loves us all – not one person is left out.  Dare to pray for a great awakening in our land.  Lord, Heal our Nation! 


Helpful instructions/suggestions:

  • Set your phone, your watch, your alarm clock or whatever to remind you to pray throughout the day. I would suggest praying every hour for a few minutes or for as long as you wish, but make a time that is suitable for yourself.
  • Maybe pray for one of the above pointers every hour – or take one for each day of the week.
  • Every time you wash your hands, which should be often – then pray a ‘Heal Our Nation’ prayer – sing or speak the lyrics of ‘Heal our Nation’ and ask God to pour out his Spirit on this land. ‘Heal our Nation, Heal our Nation, Heal our Nation, pour out your Spirit on this land.’  Sing or speak that twice.  And finish with the first line from the verse ‘Lord we long for you to move in power’ – and ask God to move in the UK but also move in our world.  https://soundcloud.com/nancygoudie/heal-our-nation
  • Keep reading Psalm 91, Psalm 121 and Psalm 46 to encourage yourself and your family with the truth of the word of God. Perhaps try meditating on Psalm 62:5-6 – Find rest, O my Soul in God alone; my hope comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress; I will not be shaken.
  • Use the UK Blessing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUtll3mNj5U Play it in your home – make this as a wonderful blessing on you and your family, your children and their children. When you go a walk pray it over your neighbourhood. The song was written in Elevation church, USA. You can watch here and discover how the song came together in the presence of the Lord – no wonder this song is being used at this time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp6aygmvzM4&feature=emb_rel_end


Please do pass on our NEED PRAYER? email address to others around you. – prayer@ngm.org.uk  We have had so many requests for prayer – what a privilege to pray for people who are hurting and need to see answers. 

Pray for revival……let’s dare to ask God to move in power.  Let’s get involved when he does.  Let’s lay our lives down and pray, fast, seek him diligently and keep listening.  When he speaks – be ready to move.  Ray and I have always seen ourselves and the work we do in ngm like a speedboat.  We are not the QE2 which takes a long time to turn around, instead we are a speedboat, ready to move wherever the Lord tells us to go.  Come and join us – be ready in your speedboat to listen to his instructions and to move quickly to join him in what he is doing.  God is moving in supernatural ways at this time and it is so encouraging.  Come and join in and see many lives transformed by his love and power.  Be forever ready and willing to follow wherever God leads us.  

Keep praying – keep seeking his face.  God is awesome and you are amazing – NANCY GOUDIE