21st January 2021 Eloise Twyford

Prayer points for Friday 22nd January 2021

For those who are reading these prayer points for the first time – do read the information at the bottom of this report which includes how this started and tips and pointers to help you during this COVID time. 

Ever cried out to God in desperation – I wonder how many of us have done so during this last year?  Let me tell you a story which is in my book Oasis of Hope and also is the subject of one of my Hope Talks.  A dear friend who is like the daughter my late husband and I never had, was going through such a difficult and traumatic time years ago.  She cried out to God in desperation one night when she could not sleep.  She went downstairs to her living room and prayed, “God I really need Ray and Nancy right now – I wish they were here with me.”  She turned on the TV and the first person she saw as her TV came to life was me.  I was speaking on God TV and the words I said clearly spoke into her life.  God had answered her prayer – I was right there in her living room!  She cried out to God in desperation and he answered her prayer.  The Lord may not answer your cry for help in quite the same way as my dear friend Amanda, but he will answer your prayer – of that you can be sure!  As Jesus said, I know Father you always hear me!  God always hears us when we cry out to him.  He never forsakes us – and no problem is too big for him to overcome.  Trust in him and keep your hope alive even when you are faced with trials and troubles as high as a mountain!  Our God is much bigger than any mountain and stronger than whatever you face – even this virus!  So, let’s pray with confidence and faith in our hearts today! 


PRAYER POINTS FOR FRIDAY 22nd January 2021    


  • Pray for our Government – for our Prime Minister, for every Member of Parliament – whatever party they belong to. Pray for every part of the United Kingdom – Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.  Let’s pray for our Royal Family – for our Queen and her family.  Pray for wisdom, pray for strength, pray for integrity and pry that each decision made will be for the good of our nation and our world.  The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders – so let’s do that right now!  If ever they need our prayers – it is right now!


  • Let’s continue to pray for the NHS. It seems that many of our hospitals are being overwhelmed with people desperate for help.  Pray for our surgeons, for our doctors and nurses.  Pray for everyone who works for the NHS that they will find strength that they didn’t know they had.  Pray that they will turn to the living God for help.  Pray that the kindness of God will be seen in and through them.  Pray for those who work in care homes.  Pray that each carer will be rewarded for all they do.  Pray that everyone who works in health care system will find the strength from above to carry on.



  • Deaths are continuing to rise, more people are being admitted to hospital yet let’s praise God that the cases are continuing to show a downward trend. Our prayers are being answered and the lockdown we are adhering to seems to be beginning to slow the virus once more.  The vaccines are being released at great speed as around 4 million people have received their jab.  Do continue to pray that all the statistics come down and that many more millions safely receive the vaccine.  Pray for the protection of everyone who receives the vaccine whether young or old. 


  • Everyone just wants this pandemic to be over now and our country to be back to normal. It’s been hard on us all, but as we pray for each other let’s look for opportunities to show kindness and love to those around us.  Look for ways to encourage and build others up.  Let’s keep praying for each other and pray for hope and peace to be given in abundance to us all.  Do pray for the many who are suffering badly with depression and anxiety.  So many are struggling with their mental health – pray for each of them that they will know the peace, joy and life that the Lord Jesus Christ brings.  Pray against fear – so many hold huge fears in their hearts and lives during this time.



  • Again, let’s pray for our economy. It has been hurt badly because of this lockdown.  Pray for large and small businesses.  Pray for ways of keeping each business afloat.  Pray for creative ideas for each owner.  Pray too for jobs – many are losing their jobs at this time – pray for confidence that they will get another job that will be secure for them.  Continue to pray for a spirit of kindness and generosity at this time.  Ask God for ways of being able to encourage the community you live in.


  • Do continue to pray for those who have young people at school, college or university in their home. So many are struggling with home schooling their children or helping their kids with trying to learn online.  It’s not easy for parents or for children – many of the parents are trying to juggle work and helping their children with school work.  It can cause heartache and huge amounts of stress.  Pray especially for those in Year 11 and 13 who have had their exams cancelled but face an uncertain time with how they will be graded.  Do also continue to pray for mental health problems with the children/young people not being able to see their friends socially.  Pray for no lasting bad effects on these young people. 


  • Our world needs God more than ever. Let’s pray that people will turn to him in their weakness and pain.  So many are full of fear and anxiety, so many have no one to turn to, let’s pray that they turn to the living Lord Jesus who is always on hand to help us all.  He died to bring healing and life to us all.  My late husband together with two others from the band we founded called Heartbeat wrote a song called Great Awakening – you might find it helpful to pray using the lyrics of this song:  


Lord, pour out your Spirit

On all the peoples of the earth

Let your sons and daughters

Speak your words of prophesy

Send us dreams and visions,

Reveal the secrets of your heart

Lord our faith is rising

Let all Heaven sound the coming of your day


There’s gonna be a great awakening

There’s gonna be a great revival in our land

There’s gonna be a great awakening

And everyone who calls on Jesus

They will be saved.


Lord pour out your Spirit

On all the nations of the world

Let them see your glory

Let them fall in reverent awe

Show your mighty power

Shake the heavens and the earth

Lord, the world is waiting

Let creation see the coming of your day

Written by Ray Goudie, Dave Bankhead and Steve Bassett.


Let’s pray for revival in our hearts and a great awakening in our land. 


Do you need prayer?  What a joy it has been to pray for those who have asked for prayer in recent months.  We are seeing many answers to our prayers.  Remember if you or others need prayer do drop us an email and we will pray.  Don’t forget our prayer line if you or others need prayer – prayer@ngm.org.uk 


Let’s continue to pray for our nation to turn to our great God and plead for help.  We know our God is with us and is listening to every prayer we pray, but many still do not acknowledge that he even exists.  Let’s pray for a great awakening to the fact that God does exist and that he loves each human being on our planet.  Pray that many will turn to him in their pain, their loss and even in their fear.  Let’s pray that many will come to know the living God in these days!  We, as Christians, know that Christ is always the answer, so let’s hold on to our hope and let’s keep trusting in our great and wonderful God.  He will not fail us – so let’s not fail him in this time!  Let’s trust him like never before and see the peace and joy of God reign in our hearts even during this troubled and trying time.  He is faithful and he will help us!  Be encouraged my friends – Sending you all loads of love – 




For those who are reading these prayer points for the first time, do read below:

Setting the scene

On 20th March I called for a National Day of Prayer, not only for the UK, but also for others who live further afield.  A few days after it was over two friends contacted me and asked if I would do a National Prayer Day every Friday, and asked if I would continue to give some pointers each week for prayer.  After prayer, I took up the challenge of doing just that.  Thank you for joining us.  To read previous prayer points and encouragements – go to www.nancygoudie.com/blog/


Helpful instructions/suggestions:

  1. Set your phone, your watch, your alarm clock or whatever to remind you to pray throughout the day. I would suggest praying every hour for a few minutes or for as long as you wish, but make a time that is suitable for yourself.
  2. Maybe pray for one of the above pointers every hour – or take one for each day of the week.
  3. Every time you wash your hands, which should be often – then pray a ‘Heal Our Nation’ prayer – sing or speak the lyrics of ‘Heal our Nation’ and ask God to pour out his Spirit on this land.  ‘Heal our Nation, Heal our Nation, Heal our Nation, pour out your Spirit on this land.’  Sing or speak that twice.  And finish with the first line from the verse ‘Lord we long for you to move in power’ – and ask God to move in the UK but also move in our world.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoZwje7Ogkg
  1. Keep reading Psalm 91, Psalm 121 and Psalm 46 to encourage yourself and your family with the truth of the word of God. Perhaps try meditating on Psalm 62:5-6 – Find rest, O my Soul in God alone; my hope comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress; I will not be shaken.
  2. Use the UK Blessing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUtll3mNj5U Play it in your home – make this as a wonderful blessing on you and your family, your children and their children. When you go a walk pray it over your neighbourhood. The song was written in Elevation church, USA. You can watch here and discover how the song came together in the presence of the Lord – no wonder this song is being used at this time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp6aygmvzM4&feature=emb_rel_end