14th May 2020 Eloise Twyford

Prayer Points for Friday 15th of May 2020

A new email prayer line – see below…


Setting the scene

On 20th March I called for a National Day of Prayer, not only for the UK, but also for others who live further afield.  A few days after it was over two friends contacted me and asked if I would do a National Prayer Day every Friday, and asked if I would continue to give some pointers each week for prayer.  After prayer, I took up the challenge of doing just that.  Please listen to my original video calling for prayer if you haven’t heard it already – it sets the scene for what we would want to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_w9dLCcSOY


Are you living with disappointment?

What happens when you get disappointed?  Often, we lose our hope.  We feel that nothing is changing and our efforts are not leading to the change we hoped for or desired.  It’s at this point where we can so easily give up.  But if we look at disappointment in the Bible, we discover that it was what they did with their disappointment that gave them the victory in the end.  Disappointment can lead to fear and fear can kill off all hope inside of us. 

Mary and Martha (John 11) were disappointed because when their brother, Lazarus, got ill and they called for Jesus, he did not seem to do anything about their urgent cries for help.  Things got worse and their brother died.  Jesus, their best friend, the one who could have healed Lazarus, seemed to ignore their cries for help and didn’t even turn up for the funeral. 

You can just imagine the disappointment. 

When Jesus did come, that disappointment was openly displayed.  “Jesus, if you had been here, my brother would not have died,” said Martha.  When Mary saw Jesus, she said the same thing, “If you had been here my brother would not have died.”  In other words, where were you Jesus?  Why didn’t you come?  Why didn’t you answer our cries for help?  Why, why, why?  Today we may have many whys.  Why did the Queen not mention the need for prayer?  Why have the Government not issued a call for a National Day of Prayer?  Why are their mixed messages from the Government at times?  Why can’t they get it right?  Why are we suffering the way we are?  Why does it seem like there are no answers to the problems we face?  Why hasn’t God answered our prayers? 

This week we were told that there is no vaccine and perhaps a vaccine will never be found.  What is going to happen to us all?

Disappointment, despair, discouragement.  All this leads to our hope being eaten away.

I was told last week by someone who knows, that the letter I received from the Queen was very significant – as normally when a certain subject is raised by a member of the public, there is a certain written response from the Palace to each letter received on this subject.  The fact that my letter was so different from others meant that the response was significant.  I had hope in my heart that our beloved Queen would at least urge her subjects to pray.  I have to say I was disappointed when the hope I had at her mentioning prayer in her speech on VE day was not fulfilled.  There may well be a reason behind the scenes why this was not done, but it is still disappointing and some have expressed that to me. 

In every disappointment we have a choice.  Do we dwell on the disappointment, the discouragement and the despair, or do we continue to trust in God for a miracle?  Mary and Martha were keenly disappointed, and this led to an end of their hope of every seeing their brother made whole again in this life.  Jesus then issued a command to “Remove the stone” from the tomb.  At that point everyone would have looked at Martha.  Martha was the eldest sister and because of this, she would have had to give her permission for the stone to be removed.  She said, “But Lord he has been dead for four days – his body is decomposing – it’s too late – he’s gone” (my paraphrase).  Jesus response was to basically say to her, “Martha, trust me!” 

She decided to trust Jesus despite her disappointment and of course when she did a miracle happened and Lazarus was raised from the dead. 

We too have a choice. 

Right now, people across the world are living with many disappointments.  Life is not turning out the way we thought it would.  Do we let our disappointment lead us to despair and discouragement and eventually to lose our hope, or do we decide to trust in our incredible God and allow him to show us a miracle?  Today, and every day, I choose to put my faith in our supernatural God – I choose to pray, I choose to believe he has the answers, I choose to trust in him – are you ready to do the same?  Are you ready to lay your fears, your disappointments, your discouragements and your despair aside, and trust in God?  If so – lets pray with hope in our hearts, with faith running through our veins and with the belief that God is doing something spectacular in our day.  We just need to trust in him like Martha did and believe for our future…..remember what I said last week – your prayers are working.  God is moving.  The signs are there – let’s not give up but continue to trust him and pray!

For those who have prayer needs – then you might like to know that we in ngm are setting up an email link called – NEED PRAYER? – so you can email any prayer need and we will make sure that your need is being brought before God.   Contact us on:  prayer@ngm.org.uk



  • Pray against all the confusion there has been over the new Covid19 rules. Pray for the Government and the pressure Boris and his cabinet are obviously under.  Continue to pray for their health, strength and for immense wisdom for them all.  Pray that they recognise that they need a higher hand to help them guide us all through.  Remember our leaders are facing things that we as humanity have never faced before. So, extend compassion, kindness and grace even if you think they have got it wrong and pray for them.  Pray too for the opposition parties, that instead of criticising every decision, they would find ways to work together and we would see unprecedented unity across the parties in fighting this virus. 
  • Pray for the NHS and for the rate of infection not to go up but indeed to come down. Praise God that the death rates in hospitals and even in care homes are coming down.  Pray that they will continue to do so even with the restrictions being eased.  Pray for all the NHS staff and care homes staff – pray that they will get all the PPE they need.  Praise God for all the selfless people who have served us during this crisis including those who serve in supermarkets, those who empty our bins and other essential services we so often take for granted.  Pray a protection on each of them. 
  • Pray for this horrendous virus to wither and die. Thank God for his protection over us all and pray like the plagues in Egypt in Bible times, this Coronavirus will disappear and never return.  We were told last night that a vaccine will take a long time in coming if it ever comes at all.  This news is horrendous to many out there who are looking for a scientific way of clearing this virus.  Let’s pray for a God given vaccine but mostly let’s continue to pray for God’s answer to emerge whether through a God inspired vaccine or by supernaturally removing this virus completely from the whole world.
  • Praise God for all the good news we had last week and pray that we will continue to hear good news this week. Pray for your family, your neighbours, your friends – pray that they will be blessed physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and that all their needs are met.  In your prayers sing the UK blessing over them – you can find that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUtll3mNj5U
  • Pray for those who are struggling mentally or emotionally. I have observed many who are struggling with the lack of clear answers.  Their hope is dwindling, many are turning to God in prayer.  We at ngm are starting a I NEED PRAYER email – where people can email asking for prayer.  Pray that we get the chance to pray for many who need to find God’s hope and strength right now.
  • Pray for many who are concerned about their finances. When you hear the news, it is so easy to get worried and concerned over the future – how are we going to survive?  How are we going to manage?  What is going to happen?  Nothing seems certain at all and that lack of hope, can be so difficult for many.  Pray that the God of hope will fill us all with all joy and peace as we trust in him, so that we may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13).  When we are being filled by the God of hope, we can overflow with his hope to everyone around us.
  • Continue to pray for the most vulnerable of our society. Many men, women and children are desperate for help.  Let’s pray for their safety and that they will find a way of communicating with the authorities what is really happening behind closed doors.  Pray for their lives, physically, mentally and emotionally.  


Helpful instructions/suggestions:

  • Set your phone, your watch, your alarm clock or whatever to remind you to pray throughout the day. I would suggest praying every hour for a few minutes or for as long as you wish, but make a time that is suitable for yourself.
  • Maybe pray for one of the above pointers every hour – or take one for each day of the week.
  • Every time you wash your hands, which should be often – then pray a ‘Heal Our Nation’ prayer – sing or speak the lyrics of ‘Heal our Nation’ and ask God to pour out his Spirit on this land. ‘Heal our Nation, Heal our Nation, Heal our Nation, pour out your Spirit on this land.’  Sing or speak that twice.  And finish with the first line from the verse ‘Lord we long for you to move in power’ – and ask God to move in the UK but also move in our world.  https://soundcloud.com/nancygoudie/heal-our-nation
  • Keep reading Psalm 91, Psalm 121 and Psalm 46 to encourage yourself and your family with the truth of the word of God. Perhaps try meditating on Psalm 62:5-6 – Find rest, O my Soul in God alone; my hope comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress; I will not be shaken.
  • Use the UK Blessing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUtll3mNj5U Take this as a wonderful blessing on you and your family, your children and their children. When you go a walk pray it over your neighbourhood. The song was written in Elevation church, USA. You can watch here and discover how the song came together in the presence of the Lord – no wonder this song is being used at this time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp6aygmvzM4&feature=emb_rel_end


Please do pass on our NEED PRAYER? email address to others around you. – prayer@ngm.org.uk  Use it yourself, encourage others to use it – when we get the message, we will immediately be praying for you/them.


Remember to keep your ears and eyes open to what the Lord is doing in this time.  As Jesus said in John 4:35 – Open your eyes and look at the fields they are ripe for harvest.  So, keep your spiritual eyes open, look at the world around us – there are many who are ripe for harvest – many who are ready and waiting for a word in season.  Let’s look with eyes of faith and respond accordingly.  Let’s pray for a resounding revival.


So do not lose heart.  As it says in 2 Chronicles 15:15 – But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.  Let’s continue to pray and see lives transformed.  Remember to turn your disappointments into victories.  Trust in the Lord – He is faithful, kind and good.  Keep praying and praising.  You are awesome! – NANCY GOUDIE