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28th March 2017: Spiritual Health Encounters Tour

Many people tell me of their desire to get closer to God and have their walk with God deepen, but they don’t know how to do that.  Quite a number of people ask me, “How do you actually hear from God?”  In my book ‘Spiritual Health Encounters’ I give the answers to these questions and many more.  I aim to give people the practical tools to be able put these answers into practice.

We know of a number of churches who have set up groups to work through the programs in the book together and to encourage one another.  The following quotes come from one of these groups:

“I’ve never set a whole day aside to seek God in the way Nancy’s book suggests, but I’m so glad I did.  God really spoke to me through the bible studies and I was really blessed all day and heard from God in a tangible way like never before, it set me up for the week ahead!”

“I struggle normally to focus on reading the bible, but the book not only helps me to read the bible, but also to study and understand what I’m reading.”

 “I’ve really enjoyed using the Spiritual Health Encounter book a friend gave me, God has really used the book to explain biblical principles and help me to practice the daily.  I love it!”

I am doing a tour called Spiritual Health Encounters and should you wish me to visit your church/area - then do get in touch.  It can be a long weekend, a full day, an evening or even just a morning at your church.  This is a call to deeper encounters and intimacy with God.  If you'd like more information on booking the tour, just call the office on 01454 414880 oe email my pa Derek 




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