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1st March 2017: Introducing My New CD SPEAK

As I have shared on numerous occasions over the last couple of years, particularly on Facebook, Ray and I spent time daily speaking out words of truth from the Bible.  It was such a powerful tool in equipping, helping and strengthening us in the journey that we were on.  I remember one day feeling so down and discouraged as Ray did not seem to be getting any better.  As I went to Tesco to collect some food tears poured down my face as I shared with the Lord the tiredness and discouragement I felt.  Into my mind came some of the words that Ray and I were declaring out each day and suddenly I felt energised, invigorated and encouraged.  It was just what I needed to hear at that time.  

It is so important to get the truth into our hearts and minds and so I have put together a CD with music and the spoken word, so that you can declare and speak out truth, so that it becomes part of you.  I know you will find this helpful when you face trials of many kinds.  In this CD I lead you through a number of scriptures on a particular theme such as ‘Speaking His Encouragement’; ‘Speaking His Promises’; ‘Speaking About His Provision’; ‘Speaking About His Love’ & ‘Speaking His Healing’. 

What we speak has power and therefore when we confess the truth contained in the word of God, power is released and the word brings life.  Speak life and truth into your circumstances and let’s see God do a miracle!  (Click here for more information on SPEAK or to purchase a copy, alternatively call the office on 01454 414880 to buy a copy.  The CD is also available to download from iTunes).

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