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24th February 2017: Thank You

I am still speechless about the ‘surprise’ that Zoe and the team arranged for me on the Saturday evening in Bristol.  For those who weren’t there, Zoe had contacted all the ladies who’d attended the weekends in recent years to say that as it was my 21st year of doing the weekends, that it would be a great idea to be able to bless me with a few gifts and some words.  I was totally oblivious of the emails that must have been flying around and the number of deliveries to the office, so was totally not expecting anything.  So to be presented with 3 large baskets of gifts ( I won’t have to buy perfume for many years!!!!) and cards and to receive a standing ovation from everyone present, brought so many tears to my eyes.  Even now as I remember that moment – I just want to say again, that I am so grateful for everyone’s generosity and for the encouraging words and cards.  As I read the cards, I was blown away by what each one said.  I am definitely on an adventure with Jesus and I know whatever the future holds – the best is yet to come!!!  Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart….I was totally blown away by the goodness of God and the generosity of so many friends…what a blessing you bestowed on me!!

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