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6th May 2016: Update on Ray

As many of you will have seen from my daily updates on Facebook, at Ray’s review with the Oncologist on April 19th, we were informed that a blood test showed a raised marker, this could indicate the presence of cancer or it could be a wrong reading caused by the radiotherapy treatment he has had.  They therefore arranged for a CT Scan to further investigate, which Ray has had.  We’ve seen the consultant and though he hadn’t received the full radiologists report, he looked at the scan online and said that he couldn’t see anything, which is fantastic news.  He said that he wanted Ray to have a further blood test on 1st June, when they will be looking to see whether the marker is coming down or if it’s increased.  If it’s coming down, then that is good news  but if it’s increased then that would indicate that there is cancer present.  So we’re asking for people to join with us in praying that the marker reduces over the next few weeks. Thanks so much for your prayers. 


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