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2nd May 2016: The Kisses of Faith Tour

'The Kisses of Faith' tells the amazing journey of how God walked with us when my husband Ray was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Through this difficult time and valley of death experience, God kept sending us ‘kisses’, as Paul Manwaring calls it in his book  'Kisses from a Good God’.  These ‘kisses’ released provision, encouragement, love and promises from Heaven that energised our faith.  In Isaiah 43 (in the Message) he has promised us is that when we are between a rock and a hard place, it won’t be a dead end.  Faith filled prayers make a way where there is no way!  Having God’s word alive in our hearts keeps fear away from controlling our lives.  

God promised us that what we learned, we would teach and the 'Kisses of Faith' tour really fulfils this promise.  Filled with humorous and sometimes heartbreaking stories, ’Kisses of Faith' will help build faith and release practical ways on how to hear from God and walk in his love and joy even when we face impossible situations.  It is an honest, no bars held account of encountering God when we are in rough waters.  God can do anything you know, more that you can imagine, guess or request in your wildest dreams – Ephesians 3:20  Msg.   As Ray my husband says, 'faith in his word releases an attack of the happies!' I look forward to seeing God release many kisses of faith to all those who need to hear him speak, and encounter his love, whatever journey they are on. 

All we ask in terms of costs, is that you cover our expenses and that you give a gift to cover Nancy’s time.  As you may well know, all of us in ngm live by faith and therefore we are depending on God for our corporate and individual finances.  To book Nancy, you can email or call Derek Tiffany in the office on 01454 414880 

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