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18th April 2016: Spiritual Health Magazine 2016

The latest edition of my magazine is now available featuring a mix of articles and stories for all.  I know from feedback that a lot of men pick it up and have a good flick through, so this year we even incorporated an article on men’s fitness, written by by son Aidan Goudie.  Also featured is an interview with Canon J.John, together with one with Ray’s surgeon and an article about the journey Ray has been on health wise in his battle with cancer.

Lots of people find it really good to pass on to friends and family, as it’s all written in a non-threatening, but challenging style.  If you’d like to purchase a bulk supply to give away at an event, please contact Derek Tiffany in the office on 01454 414880 for details of discounts available.  Or for an individual copy – then do click here. 

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