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15th April 2016: Spiritual Health Encounters

There are so many stories I’ve heard of how God used my previous books ‘Developing Spiritual Wholeness’, ‘Spiritual Health Plan’ and ‘Spiritual Health Workout’.  All these books are now out of print, but many people in recent years have asked me about releasing them again.  When I posted on my Facebook page last year that I was considering updating and releasing the workout book and I was inundated with positive comments and despite the journey I was on with Ray, I was inspired to sit down and work on this.  So I have updated and edited the original book and have added several brand new chapters.

 My prayer is that as you read and ‘do’ this book, that God will meet with you in a dynamic and personal was and that you will discover rich and incredible intimacy deep in the presence of God.

 Just recently several people have told me what this book as done for them.  Listen to what one lady had to say:  

"Hi Nancy just wanted to let you know what an amazing time i have had with our great God prompted by your new book 'Spiritual Health Encounters'.  I have used quite a few of the daily ones but now have just done my second day this month following your full day programmes. It has truly been such a blessing. I made the effort to clear the diary, turn off the phone and follow your plans. Thank you soooo much – God totally spoke into our situations andI  really don't think i would have dedicated a full day on my own without your book!   It’s now in my diary every two weeks and I'm excited to see God using this time to really speak into my life.  So be encouraged its a fabulous tool and I’lll be prompting my friends in my church to get on board.  I am planning some days for them to do just what I've been doing -  I will have to get some more books!”  RH

 Another lady has just written to me telling me and this is what she had to say:

"Nancy, my prayer partner asked me if I would do a week from your latest book because we wanted to use it with some ladies in our church.  Today I was pondering on how much God loved me and I wrote a poem out of it.  Bless you Nancy - your book is a God given tool that the Father uses to speak to his children.  We are both now on week two and have ordered some more copies to hand out to others - it looks like a women's ministry might be being birthed via Spiritual Health Encounters."  AF  

 If you haven’t got your copy yet, then do order it now – it will give you what you need to spend time with your Heavenly Dad – when you are in his presence – miracles happen!

 This book can be purchased by clicking here, by calling the ngm office (01454 414880) or it can be downloaded for your Kindle from Amazon.

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