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11th April 2016: Assured EP

Assured is the debut ep from new generation worship. Featuring fantastic new tracks from the pen of songwriter, Ray Goudie - who has been writing songs of worship for many years. Many of them are still being sung in churches all across the world.  From his Heartbeat days, where they wrote ‘Come On And Celebrate’, Ray went on to write songs like ‘Heal Our Nation’, ‘I Will Speak Out’, ‘The Great Awakening’ and many more.  His song ‘Your Kingdom Come’ became the theme song for The Global Day Of Prayer.

These new songs from the EP ‘ Assured’ continue to carry a fresh passion and prophetic edge which have been the hallmark of many of Goudie’s lyrics.  From the fresh bridge and arrangement of the classic 'Blessed Assurance' through to the triumphant 'It is Done', this is a set of fresh songs that reflect God’s heart.  We’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback, including:

“From original songs to a reworking of the old ‘Blessed Assurance’, these songs touch the heart and lead people into God’s presence with truth and power.  I’m looking forward to using them in our church worship band.”  - JH

“Modern, captivating and delightful music with lyrics that demand your heart’s response.”  - AH

This cd can be purchased by clicking here, by calling the ngm office (01454 414880) or it can be downloaded from iTunes. 

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