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6th April 2016: Meditation for the Beloved

I released a new meditation CD this year, which is called ‘Meditations for the Beloved’. As many of you will know this last year has been very difficult for Ray and myself, as Ray has been very ill, but during this difficult time, I felt God release to me some incredible meditations. They came so quickly and easily and before I knew it I had 5 brand meditations that are designed to take you into the secret place where you can know that you are The Beloved. Each one of us is loved and valued and yet so often we don’t fully realise just how much this is true. When you listen to this CD it will transport you to a place where you will be overwhelmed with love and experience a peace that passes all understanding.

Since we launched this CD at this year’s Spiritual Health Weekends, I’ve been receiving lots of positive emails and Facebook messages from people who have been impacted by listening to the tracks, but don’t just take my word for it. This is what one lady recently wrote: 'Oh my soul Nancy, your new Beloved meditation cd is so powerful. It reaches deep, deep down inside you, grabs hold of your dark lonely places and gives them a massive shake bringing them into the light. Wow! It’s incredible.'  MT.

I’m really excited that this cd is available to be purchased/downloaded from iTunes. If you haven’t yet got your own copy then take a few minutes now to download your copy or click here to order the CD – or you can call the ngm office on 01454 414880.

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