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10th April 2015: The Ambergate Report

Nancy and a small team had an early start on Sunday 22nd March, as they travelled up to Ambergate in Derbyshire to lead the morning service at the Methodist church. It’s always a real pleasure to go and speak in some of the smaller towns around the UK, so by 7am, the car was packed and the fun began. We were warmly welcomed by Mary-Anne who has been to the Spiritual Health Weekends and who jumped at the opportunity to be able to bring Nancy to her home Church. The congregation was bolstered by people from the local Anglican church, so we had a good sized audience. The response to the message was similar to that which we’ve experienced up and down the country and beyond, where people appreciate the humour but are also challenged, so we had quite a few people seeking prayer afterwards. Don’t forget, we’re still taking bookings for Nancy to speak at your Church or event, either on the subject of Laughter or on any other theme you’d like. All we ask, is that you cover our travel expenses and make a gift towards the work of ngm and Nancy’s time. If you’d like to know more, or want to invite Nancy to your area, please contact her pa Derek either by phone on 01454 414880 or by email

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