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1st May 2015: News on Ray's Health

As many of you will know my husband, Ray has had health problems since the end of November 2014. He was told he had acid in his stomach which was causing tremendous pain, but the problem did not go away. After several endoscopies, one barium meal, one CT scan, one ultra scan, all of which came back clear, on Good Friday I had to take him to A & E. They took a blood test and this revealed that Ray was seriously ill. After another CT scan they told us that Ray had a tumour probably cancerous and he needed an operation immediately. He had a 12 hour operation to remove his duodenum, his gall bladder, a third of his pancreas and part of his stomach. Ray was seriously ill in ICU for 2 weeks and then was taken to the surgical ward. However he then had to have another operation to deal with an infection. At the time of writing he is still in ICU but should be moving to the ward shortly. As a result I have spent every day at Rays bedside. Weve seen so many amazing answers to prayer during this journey and have been receiving messages from all around the world that people are praying for us. The journey to full health is going to be a long one for Ray, at the moment were not sure how much longer hell be in hospital, but were so grateful to have thousands of people praying for us some we know and some we don't know. Ray's journey has been a difficult one but we are trusting God for a complete healing. In the meantime, I have cancelled my recent bookings and may have to cancel more as the time goes on. If you want to keep up to date with Rays recovery, the best way is via Facebook, where Im currently posting at least one update each day. Thanks so much for your prayers.

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