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18th July 2014: Report on My Trip to Munich

What an amazing time I had in Germany!  It was the very first date on The Laughter Tour and what a brilliant time we had!  It was a real privilege to be able to share the message of laughter to an international audience.  Laughter is a universal language, that crosses all boundaries, whether international, cultural or age.  There were many laughs throughout our day and many experienced freedom as they began to realise or discover afresh that our God is a happy God who loves to give us life to the full.  Throughout the day we experienced the depths of His love and grace on us.  One lady who had been covered by fear from an early age was set free and began to giggle and laugh at the freedom and joy she was experiencing.  Many more were prayed for and expressed a similar joy!  It was wonderful to see what God was doing. 

The Pastors who invited me to their church had this to say about the day!

"The Laughter Tour" with Nancy Goudie was quite simply AWESOME!  A great day of learning about the benefits of laughter and LOTS of opportunity to put it into practice. With a beautiful sense of the presence of God throughout, we discovered again how the joy of the Lord truly is our strength.  Thank you Nancy.

 Kevin and Marty Brogan - Munich, Germany

Laughter is an amazing gift from God, which releases joy and helps each of us to live life to the full.  Laughter has a way of changing the atmosphere around us and can make us feel as though we have been on an instant vacation.  It's a wonderful gift that we so often forget to use.  If you would like to discover more about this amazing gift – then click here. I am now almost fully booked for the autumn period of 2014 – although we do have a few dates still available and I already have a number of bookings confirmed for Spring 2015. So do contact me if you would like me to come to your area.  I can come for a day, an evening or a Sunday morning/evening. 

Until then – keep laughing!  Let the joy that God gives, permeate your life today!  I look forward to hearing from you.  

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