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23rd June 2014: The Gift of Laughter Book

We’ve been sharing some of the interesting facts about laughter that are in the book recently via Twitter.  If you’re on Twitter and not following me yet, you’re definitely missing out (@nancygoudie).

I’m regularly receiving messages by Facebook and email from people who have read the book and have found it both hilarious and informative.  Most people just can’t put it down once they’ve started it, so be warned!  A woman who bought a copy in USA left it in the car whilst she went shopping.  She came back to the car and found her husband reading the book and laughing so hard – he didn’t want to give it back to her!  If you’ve not purchased a copy yet, it’s available through the ngm shop for just £6.00 (post and package free).  It makes a great gift too so why not buy two and give one away! 

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