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4th June 2014: Report on Ray’s Glasses American Trip!

While we spent our time in and around Boise, Idaho, Ray’s glasses hand a more eventful trip, taking in the sights in good old Memphis, Tennessee.  Ray had accidentally left his glasses at home, which we only realised just prior to boarding the plane, so the guys in the office arranged for them be collected by a large multi-national courier company who could guarantee next day delivery to our accommodation in Boise.  Unfortunately, that’s when things took a turn for the worst!  Initially the office was contacted to say that delivery would be delayed by 24 hours due to them missing a flight, then the next issue was when they were being held by the FDA  (US Food and Drug Administration) as they didn’t have a the correct import licence.  Things became a little hazy then, with them apparently being released and shipped to Boise, only to be recalled to Memphis.  Ray was finally reunited with his glasses 48 hours before we returned to the UK!

Because it had been a sunny day when we left, Ray had put on his old prescription sunglasses. He wasn’t able to see brilliantly through them, but he thought since he didn’t have up to date prescription sunglasses, that these would help him with the sun.  He was gutted when he realised that he would need to wear them everywhere he went.  I have to say he looked very cool even although he couldn’t see that well.  He had to speak in church with them on and as you can imagine got some teasing about being the coolest guy around!!  

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