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2nd June 2014: Report on our American Trip

What a fantastic trip we had to Boise!  It was brilliant to spend some time with our great friends Ian & Dorry Townend (who were in Heartbeat with us) and speak at various churches, events and leaders meetings.  The schedule was very busy but we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  On the Saturday, we spoke at  ‘One Day in His Presence’ and saw some amazing things happen.  One lady shut her retail shop on the day to enable her to come to the event.  She was so hungry or God to speak to her – and speak he did!  She received the same word four times in a row.  There was no doubt in her mind what God was saying to her!  One man came with food that people could buy for their lunch and ended up being prayed for, being healed and giving his life to God!  Wow! 

On the Sunday when I preached at the church – God moved in deep ways and so many said that the message was just what they needed to hear.  Most of the church responded at the end – what a great day!  Throughout the trip though, I wasn’t very well and had to keep pushing through health wise.  I had an awful chesty cough which eventually developed into a chest infection, but the amazing thing was before I spoke I would be coughing etc., but when I got up to speak I never coughed once!  God is amazing!  Thanks for your prayers for us both whilst we were in the USA.  I am hoping we can go back at some point in the future.  We made so many wonderful friends there.  One word given to us by one church was that we were now ‘family’ rather than just friends.

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