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10th April 2014: My 'Laughter Tour'

Those of you, who are Facebook friends with me, will have seen that I posted a comment to say that I was praying about the possibility of doing a 'Laughter Tour' and I was inundated with people saying what a wonderful idea and lots of enquiries about it visiting towns and cities throughout the UK.  I've even been invited to take it to Germany.

We're busy sending out information to people and trying to schedule dates. If you want to make sure we visit your area, you could consider hosting an event. It can be a day event, an evening event or a Sunday morning event - or a combination of these three. I can expand it or shorten it to suit any situation. I will be aiming at a Church audience, however, it can also be adapted for an audience that is not Christian. Do contact us at ngm and we can send you an information sheet. Call 01454 414880 or email

Why laughter? I hear you say. Well, laughter is an amazing gift from God, which releases joy and helps us to live life to the full. Laughter has a way of changing the atmosphere around us and can make us feel as though we have been on an instant vacation. It's an amazing gift that we so often forget to use. Throughout this 'Laughter Tour', I will be highlighting the benefits of the gift of laughter, explaining what laughter does and teaching how God has made us in His image. We will look at how the God we serve is a happy God who laughs! I will be talking about faith and how we can laugh at things to come when we know who our God is!  My heart is to take everyone into the presence of God where there is fullness of joy.  All the teaching will be surrounded by lots of hilarious stories and comedy clips.

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