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20th December 2013: Bursary Fund Update

As you may know, we set up the bursary fund a few years ago to enable us to open up the weekends to ladies who would not normally be able to attend.  I felt that the Lord asked me to go to the highways and the byways to see the hurting, the needy and the vulnerable come in.  I then began to ask various ministries to partner with me - those who work with abused women, those who are working with prostitutes and those who work with those in severe poverty.  We now partner with around five ministries based throughout the UK who work with these types of women and every year we see many of them come to the weekends and go back transformed.  many have never ever stayed in a hotel before; many have been overwhelmed with the message that each and every woman who attends my weekends, regardless of background etc., are regarded as special.  They come from all over the UK.

Earlier this year, God laid on my heart a vision of having 100 ladies being able to attend the SHW's through the bursary fund.  The team including myself undertook a variety of fund raising efforts, ranging from Kat shaving her head through to difficult sporting challenges.  We're really excited that a number of the ladies who regularly attend the SHW's have also undertaken various fund raising efforts, which when added to two very generous donations from Trusts, means that we are getting very close to reaching the vision.  If you feel called to make a donation, please contact the office on 01454 414880 to make a donation by a card or you can post a cheque payable to ngm (please write Bursary Fund on the back). 

What an amazing privilege to be able to give places to some very deserving ladies, especially at this special time of year.

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