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Today is Mother's day in the States and I read a blog by an American pastor who highlighted what he had learned from his mum. I began to think what I had learned from my wonderful Mum. I learned so much from her. She was the one who taught me that God was alive and real. She taught me that he was not only real but that God wants to talk to us. She taught me to have a deep friendship with God and how to communicate with him. She taught me that God was powerful and he could do all things. She taught me never to give up, but to continue to look to him to do above and beyond all that I could think or imagine. In her own life she discovered pain and disappointment but she turned those into victories. As a teenage girl she was asked to open in prayer at the Billy Graham rally in Aberdeen - it was a great honour because she would have been the first woman to do so. However because she was in the Christian Brethren church (who didn't allow women to speak/pray in public) her father would not allow her. She was disappointed but in her pain and disappointment she prayed that if she ever had children God would use them all in full time Christian work to speak/preach about the God she loved. She had four children and everyone of us are in full time Christian work - my three brothers are all pastors/public speakers and I pastor/lead ngm and speak at various churches/events all over the UK and abroad. What a wonderful answer to her prayer. She knew how to turn her sorrow into joy! (As children we never knew of her prayer - she only told me later in life when God had done it). It encourages me today to recall this - hope it encourages you! 



Last Friday night I went to speak at a great event in Weston-Super-Mare!  I had an amazing time!  The person who led the worship before I spoke had no idea what I was speaking on, but he could have been in our preparation prayer meeting beforehand, as so many of the songs contained the truth of what I was going to speak about that night.  Even one of his comments in between the songs was exactly what I was going to say – he had obviously been listening to what God was wanting to say throughout the evening.  It was so encouraging!  I talked on the love of God and how much he loves us and cares for us.  Many responded on the evening and I got the opportunity of praying for a number of them afterwards.  

However, what I want to talk about right now is about a lady who spoke to me as I finished speaking.  What an encouragement she was!  She told me that when she was a young teenager she was not doing well and a friend of hers had asked me if I would pray for and with her.  I did pray and she said it was hugely encouraging and that during that time I told her that I saw a picture of her being married with kids.  That was in the 1980’s, in the 90’s she was a missionary in India, but she was going through a very difficult time.  Out of the blue she received a letter from me and in it I told her many encouraging words – to hang on to God, not to give up and that God was going to help her through any difficult time she might be facing – she hung on and God did what I had said he would do.  She said that she just wanted to take time to thank me for what I had said and done – she said that through my words, prayers and encouragement God had transformed her life.  She is now a Vicar, living in the UK and is married with two kids.  She got married at 38 years of age, many years after I gave her the picture of her being married.  How wonderfully encouraging is that?  I had the privilege of hearing how when I took time to pray for someone, to give them a picture, to send them a letter when God prompted me to do so with words from God – how God them used the little I gave to change someone else’s life.  Many times we will not hear what our prayers, encouragements, letters will do, but God is working and using every word – so can I encourage you to reach out to God today for someone else and share with them the love and encouragement of God. Doing things like this can be life changing for others. Woohoo – what a wonderful God we have!



As many of you will know my beloved husband died last July and my family and I have been discovering how to live without him.  I was married to Ray for 43 wonderful years and he was my best friend for 47 years – we were also working together and leading ngm/inspire for 36 years so you can imagine the loss I feel.  My sons too miss their dad, he was more to them than just a dad figure, he was a friend, a best friend!  

How do you cope when life is hard?  What do you do when you don’t understand why things work out the way they do?  You trust.  I have always said that we are not called to understand everything that happens in life but we are called to trust.   We may not understand why, but I know from experience that when everything in your world falls apart, the way to survive is to cling on to God and tell him you trust him.  It says in the Bible that God is close to the brokenhearted and that is so true.  As I have trusted, I have felt his presence so deeply.  So many people when tough things happen turn away from God and blame him, but that’s the time when you need him, so instead of turning away, cling on to him and tell him you trust him to do what Romans 8:28 says:- bring good out of your horrendous situation.  I know from experience that he is faithful and he can do it (1 Thess 5:24).  Trust him today and always



I am in Dubai at the moment on holiday visiting some friends.  What a gorgeous place this is.  I am loving being here for a few reasons: 1) I have always wanted to visit Dubai – and now I have! 2) I get to spend some time with friends that I have not seen for quite some time. 3) My friends attend a brilliant church in Dubai and I got to go along to it.  4)  Also their church put on a wonderful prophetic conference which just happened to be on while I was here and my friends bought me a ticket.  Shawn Bolz and Julian Adams were the main speakers. 

Whilst preparing to go to the conference, I had a sneaky suspicion that God was going to speak to me.  And he did!  Shawn picked me out of the huge crowd and prophesied over me – a very significant word.  I am very grateful to God for his encouragement.  I hope that its not the last time I get to visit Dubai.  Watch out for God speaking to you today!  Will be back in touch soon.


I’ve been in the ngm studios today with our sound engineer Robbie, recording some new talks for UCB Radio for a new series of short talks that they have asked me to produce for them.  The first of the talks will be broadcast this Saturday (16th August) at about 3.30pm and be repeated at about 11.30am on Sunday – I do hope that you are able to listen in.  We’ve agreed to produce at least 1 years’ worth of talks which will be under the title of ‘Take 5 with Nancy Goudie’, so do check them out each Saturday/Sunday.

It’s wonderful how the talks I’ve recorded previously for UCB have always resulted in a lot of feedback from listeners.  I’m really praying that people will be challenged and encouraged through this new series.

If you haven’t listened to UCB before, you can listen to UCB Radio using a DAB Radio, on Sky Channel 0125, Virgin Media Channel 914 or online at


Christmas Greetings

As many of you will have seen on Facebook, both Ray and myself have both been unwell in recent weeks, which has had a knock on effect with our preparation for Christmas.  The good news is that we're now both recovered from these viruses and are looking forward to spending some quality time with our family.  In the midst of all the festivities, it's good that we don't lose sight of the reason for this holiday and that we also take time to remember those less fortunate than ourselves.  Each of us has so much to be thankful for, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year.

Following the rush to get the new magazine and book ready and off to the printers in time for the weekends, all the ngm team are going to be enjoying a good break, to celebrate with family and friends.  Once we're back in the office in January, we step up a gear with all the preparations for the weekends.  Do remember it is still possible to book in for the weekends during January.

With every blessing for a great Christmas and a brilliant 2014!



I am of to UCB today with Zoe and Ray for a meeting and then I am going to be interviewed before Zoe and I travel north to Preston to visit the Preston Marriott.  I am really looking forward to discussing the whole Spiritual Health Weekend conference with the co-ordinators up there.  Also - would you believe that we have to taste every meal that they are suggesting for the conference!  Such a difficult job - but someone has to do it!  Ha, Ha!  Last year we had 3 starters, 5 main meals and 3 deserts between us - talk about feeling full afterwards!!!  Then a week later, we need to di it all again at Bristol.  I really do have a fantastic job!  Love it!  I am also going back to my home land on the 27th November for a couple of days.  I love going to Scotland.  I really wish I could visit more often.  This will be to the East of Scotland - I am speaking at a dinner in Edinburgh and have the privilege of staying with some good friends. 

Can you believe it is only 5 weeks until Christmas - that means that it's only about 9 weeks until my Spiritual Health Weekends (the unique Christian Women's Conference) - we are having such fun planning and preparing for them - if you haven't booked in - then do think about coming to join us at the Oasis of Laughter!  It's going to be such fun.  Thanks for reading my blog - I'll be in touch again soon....


Prayer Swim, 10K Run and Shaving hair – Who?  What?? Where??

This year Nancy, Zoe, Jill and Kat are about to try and do three events to help raise money for the Spiritual Health Bursary funds.  We all know just how much it means to vulnerable women to receive a free place to come and stay at a four star Marriott hotel and enjoy everything that happens at Nancy's conference.  We would like to raise enough finance to be able to invite 100 needy women to come to either Preston or Bristol weekends.  Would you help us to do that?

Nancy is going to Prayer Swim – swim 400 lengths and pray for all the women coming to the weekends at the same time.  Zoe and Jill are going to run the London 10K whilst Kat is taking the hugely brave step of shaving all her hair off! If you would like to encourage us – then please do visit the following links.  Anything you can give would make such a difference to people's lives and would greatly encourage us all.  You can give to one of us or all three of us…thank you! 

For Nancy

For Jill and Zoe

For Kat



 Did you know that our God is a happy God?  As Bill Johnson often says, 'Our God is not in a bad mood'.  In fact he is never in a bad mood.  He is a happy God and he loves laughter.  Some people find it difficult to believe that a holy God would laugh yet laughter came from him.  He created us with the ability to laugh and rejoice.  In the Bible it mentions joy, laughter, rejoicing, gladness and celebration so many times and encourages us to do all these things.  In Heaven right now there is a party going on and just try having a party without laughing!  It just doesn't work!  It says in the Bible that Heaven rejoices over one sinner who comes back to God – there are many people all over the world coming to know God every second – so the party in Heaven is never ending!  Laughter is an amazing gift – there are so many things laughter does for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Did you know that 15 minutes of laughter equals two hours of sleep?  Did you also know that 15 minutes of laughter burns 50 calories?  What a great way to lose weight and gain energy!  Did you also know that it even helps with wrinkles?  Laughter is so good for you.  I am enjoying finding out more about this amazing gift. 

I will be talking more about this at my Spiritual Health Weekends in 2014 both at Preston and Bristol and I am praying that the whole weekend will be a place where laughter is not only talked about but is also practised.  We have Godfrey Birtill leading a praise party on the Sunday – its going to be fun!  Come and join me – people are booking their places right now.  You can pay it up monthly if you wish – that means the sooner you start the less you have to pay each month.

Check in with me again and I might tell you more about laughter -  keep laughing!  




Crazy Schedule

What a crazy schedule I have had for the last few weeks.  First of all I visited Dudley......haven’t been in Dudley since the ‘80’s!!!  I spoke at Revival Fires Church and what a great weekend we had.  I spoke at their very first women’s conference and it was brilliant to hear from many women who heard God speak to them!  It was a fantastic time.  Also on the Sunday I spoke at the church and again it was wonderful to pray and speak to many who had heard God speak specifically to them.  It was great to work again with Trevor and Sharon Baker.   I had not seen them since our time in Witney in the early ‘80’s when they organised a Heartbeat mission!  We were remembering our time at Merryfield House in Witney! We had never stayed in such an amazing place on mission -  it was like staying in a hotel...the food was incredible  – I still remember the Yoghurt Pudding – wow!  Not good for the thighs – but wonderful for the taste buds!  Great memories!


I came home from there and promptly left to travel to Scotland.  My father has been taken into a home and two of my brothers and me were clearing his house!  It was quite an emotional two days – even more so when my dad said he wanted to go home!  Not easy!


I arrived back on the Thursday night and then on the Friday we celebrated 30 years in full time Christian work.......we held two events – one on the Friday night and one on the Saturday afternoon.  Both were packed and the response was great!  There were so many people we had not seen for many years!  Clive and Jane Urquhart. Jeremy Jobson and Sarah Shepherd (as she was known in the Heartbeat days) from Heartbeat came to celebrate with us.  We played quite a few Heartbeat videos as well as others from ngm.  We even sang ‘Come on and Celebrate’ and ‘Heal our Nation’ (two old Heartbeat songs)!!!  We also had some of our amazing ngm artists singing and performing – it was superb!  Ray shared about his new musical and some of our guys performed one of the new musical songs.  I spoke about some of the things that the Lord has done through Heartbeat and ngm over the last 30 years!  It was so good to celebrate God’s amazing faithfulness to us!


Today (Sunday) we met with some of the people who had come to see the shows as well as seeing our son’s football team win another football match.  They haven’t been beaten as yet this season!  I am now packing to go to Scotland very early tomorrow morning.  I am speaking at the Scottish Mental Health and Arts Festival in Troon tomorrow night.  I am also speaking at the same festival in Paisley in the afternoon and evening of Tuesday.   On Monday and Wednesday I am meeting various leaders in Scotland before returning to Bristol.  Thursday I am then packing to go on our main holiday to Spain......I feel exhausted just thinking about this schedule....but you know – its great fun and I would not miss any of it for the world!  I love what I do!







Another update...


Hi everyone.....What a great week I have had!  First of all last Friday Amy Morris (a good friend from ngm) and I travelled to Majorca to speak at a Spiritual Health Day in Palma and then speak the next day at a great church over there.  The Spiritual Health Day was for women and men and was such fun.  We had such a laugh as I taught them how to memorise plus many other spiritual exercises.  We also spent time praying for many of the people who were responded during the day.  On the Sunday I spoke at the church which is led by my dear friends Miguel and Cheryl Salamanca.  It was brilliant to see so many respond to the call to go deeper in faith with God.  Amy and I spent a long time praying for others after the service was over.  We came home on Sunday night exhausted but so encouraged by our visit to the island of Majorca.  We hope we can visit there again.  After the church service, we realised that Cheryl and I had the same little thought in the middle of the church service – perhaps I could hold a Spiritual Health Weekend in Majorca at some point in the future.  Anyone fancy that?


On Monday my new book ‘You are Special’ went off to the printers.  It will be released in time for my Spiritual Health Weekends in January/February.  It is the third book in the series – The Beloved and Confident? are the names of the other two.  It will be a hard backed book full of real stories, wise words, quotes, prophetic words all designed to encourage and build up the readers.  Like the others, it is also an ideal present for others.


On Tuesday, Ray and I had a photoshoot.....what a laugh!  Ray doesn’t find it easy to smile – so we had to think of lots of ways to keep a smile on his face.  We had photos taken together and others by ourselves.  It was great fun and we loved every minute.  Just hope the photos turn out well.


On Wednesday ( today ) Ray and I went away for a couple of days to write.  Now that my book is finished, I am now starting to write articles for my magazine and Ray is continuing to write his new musical. Exciting days!  I love creativity............hope I get lots done......





Hello Everybody,

This is my new blog page I'll be putting up new blogs regularly on this page, follow me on my journey with my new book and the lead up to the weekends.


Love Nancy







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