20th October 2017 Derek Tiffany

Luv Esther Update

I thought you would love to know a little of the journey we have been on with the new production of the musical Luv Esther.

As many of you will know, Luv Esther is a dynamic and powerful musical based on the biblical story of Esther.  It tells the story of Esther, a young refugee, a stranger in a strange land who stands up despite the real fear she faces and makes a huge difference in her nation.  This is a powerful story that carries a real challenge not only to the church today but also to our society.

In my book Luv Esther (published in 2006), I shared the story of how the show came in to being.  It was the summer of 2000, when Ray and I were on sabbatical that inspiration came to my husband.  As well as enjoying the rest and the sun, we were also searching God’s heart for the years ahead.  We had served Him for twenty years and had seen Him do so much, but what did God want for the years that lay ahead?  As Ray lay in the sun reading an autobiography by Tim Rice, which told the story of musicals such as Joseph and Jesus Christ Superstar, a seed of inspiration dropped into his heart.  He leaned over to me and said, “Do you think God could be calling me to write a musical?”  It sounded such a huge vision, but as we talked, we had no idea just how big a vision it was going to be.

From that day on the beach in the Algarve, it took until 2005 for the show to be birthed.  It was co-written by Ray and Murray Watts, with collaborations on the songs with various songwriters.  The show toured the UK to mainly sold out venues for a number of years.  During the first release of the show we saw many in the church challenged to stand up for such a time as this, but we also saw many churches use this show for pre-evangelism and we even saw some become Christians through it.  I know this show carries the heart of God for what is going on in our nation at this time.

Before Ray died in July 2016, he felt a clear call from God to begin to update and extend this wonderful show.  He had great joy in updating the script and writing several new songs.  During his last spell in hospital, he turned his room into his production office and spent time downloading his new script/songs to Murray.  I can clearly remember the excitement in his voice as he talked about the script and how he knew he had heard from God.

It’s taken over a year to progress from that meeting in the hospital to this new production being ready for the stage.  We were given a gift that covered all of the pre-production costs, we recruited the cast and crew, had a new set created for us and have undergone weeks of rehearsals and now we are taking this wonderful message from the book of Esther to a wider audience.  During rehearsals, we took the cast into the recording studios and have created a brand new cast recording to go alongside the tour, featuring some amazing vocals.  You can purchase it for yourself by clicking on this link.

It’s been a real privilege to see this production being birthed and as the producer of the show, I have had the pleasure of working with a very talented creative team, who have all brought energy and vitality to the table and helped create a truly lasting legacy.  We have had setbacks along the way, but my heart is full of gratitude to God for helping us to get this show on the road.  We are so thankful for Ray’s talent and creativity that lives on in this show and for the obvious anointing of God on it all.  Do join us in praying that many will be deeply impacted with the message of us all being called for such a time as this!

Check out our website for more dates/venues – please do go along and see it but also  do contact us if you’d be interested in bringing the show to your area.