6th February 2020 tim

Incredible stories of transformation

What an incredible time we had at Windsor and Preston Spiritual Health Weekends – so many lives changed and transformed by the love and power of God.  So exciting.  So many stories of God’s unfailing love.  As many of you will know I pray over everyone’s names and ask God for a word for each person who books in.  What a joy it is to see the reaction from people when they have had their word read over them.  Many are in tears; many are excited and many are blown away with what God says.  I was told of one lady who is not a banquet type of lady but more someone who would settle for toast.  She told us she was fine with toast.  However, in her word, I told her that the Lord had spread a banquet for her and that she should not settle for toast.  God said to her – why would you settle for toast when I have prepared a huge banquet for you.  I didn’t know this lady – but God did!  Another lady was told that she had healing hands and a compassionate heart just like her Father in Heaven and that every day she gets to exercise those gifts.  What I didn’t know was that she was a GP who had always wondered if she was significant in what she does.  God gave her immense encouragement through that word.

If I can hear from God for others, then so can you.  Every day I sit and listen.  I ask God for a picture and he gives me a picture or an impression in my heart for many people I don’t know.  I only have their name in front of me.  I then write down from that picture what I believe God is saying and then I trust in him.  Each word is then put on a card and put into an envelope and at my weekends each person gets their special word from God read over them.

I remember one time a friend of mine told me, “Nancy, I don’t understand my word.  Every year when I get my word from God through you at the Spiritual Health Weekends, I am always so encouraged, but this year I don’t understand this word.”  The word said that even if the worst should happen, I will be with you. She told me, “I don’t want the worst to happen.”  I told her that perhaps I got the word from God wrong, but that I remembered writing it and felt so strongly that God had told me to write what I had written.  She filed it in her Bible and didn’t think about it again, until a few years later when she found that the worst had happened.  She was going through an awful storm.  When she cried out to God in her sorrow, she picked up her Bible and my word fell on to her lap.  She picked it up and read it again and it made complete sense.  It talked about how even when the worst happened (and it had) God would never leave her and how his arms were around her helping her to walk with healing and hope in her heart.  It was just what she needed to read at that time.

Each of us can be God’s voice and encouragement to others.  Let’s draw near to the Lord and ask him what he wants to say to others who are our friends or family.  Your word might just be the encouragement they need to hear.  I love the way that the Lord always encourages and builds others up – let’s make sure our words are doing the same.  God is so good.