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Nancy Goudie heads up the creative and innovative charity new generation music (see She was born in Ayr, Scotland and grew up in a musical family.  In her teens she was part of a well-established band called Unity.  As well as singing with the band, she also put her qualifications in speech (ALCM) to good use by being one of the narrators in the musicals that Unity produced.  Nancy had many opportunities to gain experience in the media as Unity appeared on many television and radio shows and in fact had their own TV show called 'Unity Sings'.

In 1980 she and her husband moved to England and founded and led the internationally known band, Heartbeat.  As one of the singers and main speakers, she travelled extensively throughout Britain and abroad seeing people's lives transformed.  Heartbeat wrote many songs such as ‘Come on and Celebrate’, ‘Heal our Nation’ and the chart top 40 hit ‘Tears from Heaven’.  Throughout the 80’s Heartbeat saw so many people physically and emotionally healed and literally thousands becoming Christians.  During the 80’s ngm was birthed and when Heartbeat finished in 1991, ngm continued and throughout the years many hundreds of artists have been trained and transformed through their innovative arts training courses.  ngm have produced many artists, bands and musicals like Steve, DBA and Luv Esther.  ngm is based in Thornbury, Bristol, UK, and has a high-spec music and arts complex where all the training takes place.

Nancy runs unique and creative Spiritual Health Weekend conferences for women in 4 star luxury hotels in Bristol and Preston and has done for over 20 years.  These weekends are fun, refreshing and life changing for so many hundreds of women each year.  One lady said recently:  “Please don’t stop running these weekends – they are such a blessing for so many!

Nancy has written fourteen books: Developing Spiritual Wholeness (1992); Nancy Goudie's Spiritual Health Plan (1995); Nancy Goudie's Spiritual Health Workout (2001); 50 Creative Worship Ideas (2002); Hot Faith (2004); Luv Esther (2006); Treasures of Darkness (2008); The Beloved (2009); Confident? (2010); You Are Special (2011); Oasis of Hope (2012); Oasis of Delight (2013); The Gift of Laughter (2014) and Spiritual Health Encounters (2016).

She has also produced five meditation CD’s, three of which are still available: Peace Like A River; Smile and her most recent Meditations For The Beloved.  Her most recent CD called Speak, helps you to read, believe and confess Biblical truth.  She has a yearly magazine that she produces and she is on TV and Radio regularly.  She also speaks nationally and internationally at churches, events and conferences.  Her heart is to see thousands of people transformed by the love, power and presence of God.  She is married to Ray and has two sons, Daniel and Aidan.


For further information on Nancy or to book her for your event call 01454 414880 or email