20th March 2017 Nancy

Amazing night in Weston-Super-Mare!

Last Friday night I went to speak at a great event in Weston-Super-Mare!  I had an amazing time!  The person who led the worship before I spoke had no idea what I was speaking on, but he could have been in our preparation prayer meeting beforehand, as so many of the songs contained the truth of what I was going to speak about that night.  Even one of his comments in between the songs was exactly what I was going to say – he had obviously been listening to what God was wanting to say throughout the evening.  It was so encouraging!  I talked on the love of God and how much he loves us and cares for us.  Many responded on the evening and I got the opportunity of praying for a number of them afterwards.

However, what I want to talk about right now is about a lady who spoke to me as I finished speaking.  What an encouragement she was!  She told me that when she was a young teenager she was not doing well and a friend of hers had asked me if I would pray for and with her.  I did pray and she said it was hugely encouraging and that during that time I told her that I saw a picture of her being married with kids.  That was in the 1980’s, in the 90’s she was a missionary in India, but she was going through a very difficult time.  Out of the blue she received a letter from me and in it I told her many encouraging words – to hang on to God, not to give up and that God was going to help her through any difficult time she might be facing – she hung on and God did what I had said he would do.  She said that she just wanted to take time to thank me for what I had said and done – she said that through my words, prayers and encouragement God had transformed her life.  She is now a Vicar, living in the UK and is married with two kids.  She got married at 38 years of age, many years after I gave her the picture of her being married.  How wonderfully encouraging is that?  I had the privilege of hearing how when I took time to pray for someone, to give them a picture, to send them a letter when God prompted me to do so with words from God – how God then used the little I gave to change someone else’s life.  Many times we will not hear what our prayers, encouragements, letters will do, but God is working and using every word – so can I encourage you to reach out to God today for someone else and share with them the love and encouragement of God. Doing things like this can be life changing for others. Woohoo – what a wonderful God we have!