ngm is a passionate creative ministry which has been in existence for 40 years. Ray and Nancy Goudie left Scotland in June 1980 with a vision to see lives transformed by the love and power of God. They started a band called Heartbeat that became a vehicle through which thousands of people came to know God for themselves. They changed the name to ngm during the 1980’s and in the 1990’s the vision began to grow! They trained thousands of young people in the arts throughout the following years, many of whom have gone on to work in the mainstream music industry, media, theatre world, clubland or the church. Nancy started her innovative and unique Spiritual Health Weekends for women in 1997 and still today they remain extremely popular with women coming back year after year. Nancy is a sought-after speaker and also has written 15 books and 6 meditation CD’s. Ray produced several creative musicals which toured the UK. Ray sadly died in 2016, but Nancy continues with this life changing work. ngm continues to exist to see lives transformed through conferences, events, and by resourcing churches through our personnel and also through the many resources we produce. ngm is based in Thornbury, Bristol at Caedmon Complex our specialist performing arts venue.

Founder & CEO
Nancy Goudie

Richard Collier-Keywood
Doug McGinn
Hazel McGreavy
Jayne Banful

Council of Reference
Rob & Dianne Parsons
Lyndon & Celia Bowring
Graham & Jill Kendrick

Rosemary Conley (ngm)
Graham Kendrick (ngm)

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