new generation music is a community of creatives buzzing with life and passion for the benefit of the world.  ngm is a resource for the church and the wider community.

Community is at the very heart of new generation music.

It’s a family of artists full of fun, friendship and adventure where love for God, each other and the culture, runs deep.

It is a place where people can feel safe and secure and be able to express who they really are. The dream and desire is to become fully alive and fully human and to live that out in the world. It is also a place of honesty and integrity where everyone accepts that no one is perfect and everyone is on a journey.  A place to dream and belong.  A place to camp around His presence.

The values of excellence, love and adventure gets downloaded into the very soul of ngm.

ngm loves food!  ngm loves creativity!  ngm loves worship.  ngm loves people…. without exception!

Those in the ngm community hang out together in homes, pubs, clubs, studios, theatres and anywhere else you can imagine! Everyone gets together one evening each week where it’s all about freedom and enjoying the presence of God who loves us unconditionally.  It’s a time to tell stories of adventures and release all the creative juices.

The ngm community is made up of ngm artists, communicators, technicians, administration / event support and management teams.