5th December 2017 Derek Tiffany

A Story Of Provision

I heard a story today that encouraged me so much – so I thought I would pass it on to you.  If you need God to move in your finances, then get a hold of this story and pray it into your life too.  A couple who have seen God move supernaturally in their own finances started to pray for this to happen to others too.

A friend came to the husband for counsel on his finances and after encouraging him with stories of supernatural provision that he and his wife had seen, the husband then prayed that the same supernatural provision would defy all expectations.  That evening the person who came for counsel went to one of his friends to ask for a loan so that he could catch up with his mortgage payments.  The friend didn’t give him a loan – instead he gave him a love offering which completely paid off his mortgage and then gave him some extra for repairs to his car.  How wonderful is our God?  What he has done for others – he can do for you!

At another time the same couple were praying for someone who was in a tough situation.  The person who asked for prayer had a husband who was unable to work because he had been injured in a car accident.  The wife was a beautician and at the end of their prayers for healing for the husband, they prayed that she would have supernatural tips at work.  They lived in a small town but at the end of the week, the wife called them to say that on top of her normal tips, she received $500 from a single customer as a tip!  The next week, the same thing happened – a single customer gave her $500.  This happened four weeks in a row.  The following week, instead of calling the wife showed up at this couple’s home and said, “Guess what?”  The praying couple said, “Let us guess, another $500?”   “No.” she replied, “A single customer gave me a tip of $5000!”  Through the generosity of others, they did not lose their home or their car and the husband recovered quicker than the doctors had anticipated.  The tips covered everything they needed while he recovered.

Having lived by faith for my finances for 37 years, I know that God can and does provide.  What an amazing God we have!  Nothing is impossible.  Today if you are in need, let these stories bless and encourage you.  Trust in the God who loves you and has everything you need.  Go to him today and believe him for the miracle you need.  I release these testimonies over you in the name of Jesus Christ.