20th February 2017 Nancy

A few thoughts from Dubai

I am in Dubai at the moment on holiday visiting some friends.  What a gorgeous place this is.  I am loving being here for a few reasons: 1) I have always wanted to visit Dubai – and now I have! 2) I get to spend some time with friends that I have not seen for quite some time. 3) My friends attend a brilliant church in Dubai and I got to go along to it.  4)  Also their church put on a wonderful prophetic conference which just happened to be on while I was here and my friends bought me a ticket.  Shawn Bolz and Julian Adams were the main speakers.

Whilst preparing to go to the conference, I had a sneaky suspicion that God was going to speak to me.  And he did!  Shawn picked me out of the huge crowd and prophesied over me – a very significant word.  I am very grateful to God for his encouragement.  I hope that its not the last time I get to visit Dubai.  Watch out for God speaking to you today!  Will be back in touch soon.